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dkpdf_pdf_filename Since: 1.9.1

Example adding Author name to PDF filename.

dkpdf_pdf_author Since: 1.9.1

Allows set up PDF Author metadata.

dkpdf_header_title Since: 1.8

Example adding author after post title in PDF header.

dkpdf_pdf_format Since: 1.8

Example changing PDF format to Royal

Available formats:
A0 – A10, B0 – B10, C0 – C10
4A0, 2A0, RA0 – RA4, SRA0 – SRA4
Letter, Legal, Executive, Folio
Demy, Royal
A (Type A paperback 111x178mm)
B (Type B paperback 128x198mm)

dkpdf_before_content and
dkpdf_after_content Since: 1.7

Example adding custom content before and after PDF content.

custom_dkpdf_button_container_css Since: 1.7

Example changing .dkpdf-button-container css.

dkpdf_header_pagination and dkpdf_footer_pagination Since: 1.4

Example changing default pagination content in header and footer.


Example changing wp query arguments for the generated PDF:


Example removing post type attachment in PDF Button Post types to apply:

Example adding post type nav_menu_item in PDF Button Post types to apply:

dkpdf_hide_button_isset and dkpdf_hide_button_equal Since: 1.7

Example adding dkpdfg_action_create_categories $_POST (used in DK PDF Generator select categories)