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How to add custom fonts

Since version 1.9.6, DK PDF allows you to add custom fonts to the PDF easily using dkpdf_mpdf_font_dir and dkpdf_mpdf_font_data filters.

In this example we are going to use Montserrat Google Font, so the first thing to do is download the font from here:

In your WordPress installation, create a new folder fonts inside wp-content and upload Montserrat-Regular.ttf file:

Next thing to do is add the filters, you can add this code to your theme functions.php for example:

Finally, create a new post and add this content:

For the sake of simplicity, we are adding the css style inline directly in the post content, just keep in mind that you can add the styles in DK PDF Settings CSS tab.

That´s all, you should now see Montserrat font displayed in the PDF like so:

Here you´ll find more information about how to add fonts in mPDF which is the library that DK PDF uses to generate the PDF: